Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hello My Blog friends..

   I've just found the new menu,And yess!! it's Yummy and easy and bring it to you again, I called "Herb Garden Pork" It's originally inspire from my self and my favorite herb is A Ginger!!!

  **What we need for this menu is:
 +Fresh Ginger
 +Dry Black Pepper seeds

 *** Start!!!

   :) Pound Ginger And Dry Black Peepers 'til it's fine put little bit of salt, 

   :) Slide pork and Kneaded with herb We'ev pounded it together, sit pork in the fridge for at least 30 mins (I do 1 hour) 

   :) paned pork with medium gas

   :) *Serve with hot rice !!!!

Tips: also you can serve it as a rice ball (onikiri) by put the pork in to the rice ball!!!

Enjoy Cooking!!!

See you next update!!

1,000 kisses!!!!

Mily's kitchen !!

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