Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eat out #1

Hi everyone ♥
Recently I've been put my stomach and hungry-ness with the restaurant near by and oversea a lots.

These update will make Tokyo people have a big smiles- a specially who live in Minato-ku.

My husband and me found the now restaurant around the block, Named Hinoki / Natural Restaurant. A lovely and calm theme and decoration of this place are make me feeling like I'm in the heavenly garden. And the food is so delicious. Fresh, clean and healthy.

My favorite menu is Roast beef steak and curry rice. The curry rice here is a little bit difference then other place(you need to try it!!). The roast beef is the best and worth then any place I've try.

Don't get too hungry when you read this. Let's go try it and you will love this place like I do♥!!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Potato and Apple stir fried

Dear everyone.

Such a century I haven't update my Cooking blog. So much traveling going on since I've been gone from this page.
I do love cooking and always missing my kitchen.
So yesterday was a right time to cook and enjoy breakfast at home with my husband.
I had made a really yummy simple fried for us. I got this recipe from my friend's mother and I try it. So you guys should try it's healthy and boost up your energy. Great menu for start your day.

♥Let's get it ready.
(for 4 people)
Apple 1
Boiled or Baked Sweet potato 1
Lemon 1/2 (made it up to few -slides and keep the rest for juice)
Pineapple 1/4 (I couldn't find it so I don't put it this time)
Butter 1 1/2 tbs
Salt 1/2 ts
Brown or with sugar 2tbs

♥Heat up your stove.

-Cut all the material in square shape just a good side to serve.

- Stir butter in fried pan until it melt nicely ( remind ur self that the stove have to be nicely middle heat)

-Put apple to pan firs stir it. Heat the stove up a bit. Stir apple until almost cook.

-Put Boiled/baked sweet potato and pineapple stir it together.

-Put lemon slides and limonite juice and lower heat a little bit.
-Put salt and allow with sugar stir it until all look cooked and smell good.
And serve★

Ps. You can also replace the toast w/this recipe. :)

Thank you for being support and enjoy my blog.

Big Love,
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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Healthy Breakfast.

Breakfast is the base of daily power!!!

 I'm prefer to have breakfast everyday. Specially to prepare breakfast my self when I'm not in the busy day... 

   It's not difficult at all just fried or any style of eggs you like ,sausage(fried or steam) ,raspberry scone(allow picture),mango,strawberries (allow picture). Or any fruits you prefer 
   *in picture I prefer mango and strawberries because a lot of vitamin C in these kind of fruit help you refreshing in the morning :).

   **We can do that on weekend, Prepare for you self ,family and your love one. Produce healthy ,warm and love to start our day!!!

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  Thank you for supports and reading this blog.
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Monday, August 8, 2011

Pineapple basil

Pineapple Basil stir fried.

This menu so easy and very suit with newly who like to try to eat spicy,

-Pork (Or any meat you prefer)  200g
-Garlics 2 lobes
-Pearl onion  2 .
-Bell chili 2 color (u like) 8-10 pieces
-Basil (as much as you like)
-Pineapple (can or fresh) 100g
-black pepper (as much as you prefer).
-Japanese soy sauce 1 tsp.
-Grapes seed oil 1 tsp.
-Oyster sauce 1 tbs.

Let's cook 

Turn on your stove, bring your pan and heat up grapes seed oil, put Bell chili  garlics and pearl onion heat and stir until it smell good, Bring the pork in, put oyster sauce and japanese soy sauce stir until smell and pork get cook put black pepper and pineapple stir it until everything cook and put basil in wait until you can smell basil, and serve.

*every ingredients please cut and chopped like the pictures show.

serve with hot rice or sticky rice.
if you like it so spicy can apply with Thai pepper.

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Soy soft cream

Summer has come. All type of interesting things to do, but one thing we can't pass is keep our self healthy and enjoy every moments of summer time by not gain any weight with all kind of yummy sweet.

I love desert as much as all of you do.
If you living around or have a chance to come visit Azabu-juban main street (shotengai) I'm sure you can find this cafe on the main street called "SOY CAFE" this lovely cafe have many menu base from soy milk. Also "soft cream" made by soy milk.
New way to keep you healthy and enjoy sweet soft cream during summer... Go try it!!

Next time I will update next menu from "SOY CAFE" again.

Enjoy summer time.


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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Klua-kling (Thai very spicy dry yellow curry)

Do you like spicy food?!!,?
If anybody love spicy food and think you are can handle really Spicy meal!!!
I'd like to prefer this recipe.
"Spicy Dry Yellow Curry"

☁ What we need:
☆ Yellow curry paste (as much as you like/my dish is about 2 tbs.)
☆ Chopped Chicken or any kind of meat/seafood (about 250-300g.)
☆ Lime Kefir 3-4 leaves
☆ Salt (as much you like/ can also put fish sauce if you are ok w/scent)
☆ Coconut sugar or honey :1/2 Ts. (my dish use coconut sugar)
☆ Dry Fried peppers (as much you like/my dish use 5 peppers)
☆ Olive oil or cooking oil 1Tbs.

Ok!! Hope you are not be surprised for the ingredients ;)

☀Bring the pan out!!!:

•Turn on the stove w/high heat temperature

•Put oil in the pan wait until oil become very hot

•Get Yellow curry paste in the pan fried it until smelly and put 2 Lime kefir leaves

•Put Chicken, salt fried it until look fine

• put coconut sugar or honey and 4 fried peppers

•In case if the food seem too dry please put little bit of water to it when you are cooking.

•Cook until the food look fine.

•Bring it to the dish ,Decorate with the left over prepare Lime Kefir leave and Dry fried pepper.


Tips: ** for a very hot meal like this recipe, I'd prefer get ready for you drinking water next to you it also good if you drop the slide of lemon in it. And this dish is very good with fresh Veggie and hot rice. !!!


Yummy .... Spicy!!!!!!!

Mily's kitchen

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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Hello My Blog friends..

   I've just found the new menu,And yess!! it's Yummy and easy and bring it to you again, I called "Herb Garden Pork" It's originally inspire from my self and my favorite herb is A Ginger!!!

  **What we need for this menu is:
 +Fresh Ginger
 +Dry Black Pepper seeds

 *** Start!!!

   :) Pound Ginger And Dry Black Peepers 'til it's fine put little bit of salt, 

   :) Slide pork and Kneaded with herb We'ev pounded it together, sit pork in the fridge for at least 30 mins (I do 1 hour) 

   :) paned pork with medium gas

   :) *Serve with hot rice !!!!

Tips: also you can serve it as a rice ball (onikiri) by put the pork in to the rice ball!!!

Enjoy Cooking!!!

See you next update!!

1,000 kisses!!!!

Mily's kitchen !!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Easy for lazy Sunday

Hi everyone!!!!

   It's been too long I've haven update my life in kitchen, many things to talk and tell, I've been in manyplace so I'm kinda leave my kitchen for a while,now I'm back and for sure still, I have a lovely recipes to share to you...
  How about we warm up n=by start this spring season with an easy menu for breakfast or tea time, yet it's also good for the kid !!!

Hope you guys are have a nice weekend


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thai tuna salad

Hello ~

Long time no see you on my kitchen blog. Now I'm back. And yes I would like to show you tho most healthy menu for you guys who like to have yummy healthy food.

Thai Tuna salad.

•This menu is so easy to cook and good for any meal.

Let's cook!!!

What we need:
-Tuna meat, I recommend can tuna/ in water (1 can for 2serves)
-Lemongrass(chopped tiny piece)
-Red onion slide (small size)
- chopped Fresh chili or dry fried chili
-Lime juice
-fish oil / Japanese soy sauce
-green apply or any veggie you like.

Open tuna can lid the tuna water out , put tuna in to the bowl the we are preparing for mixing salad. Blend tuna meat unlit get softer texture. Put fish oil or Japanese soy sauce 1/2 tbp mix w/tuna following with lime juice 1tbp mix it all together, put chopped tiny pieces lemongrass and red onion slide (how much you like) in to tuna bowl and mix it again , put chopped chili in to the bowl and mix, then test the teats that is how you like you salad to be.
Slide green apple/you fav veggie make a side dish for your salad!!!

Now we are ready to serve.

Tip: for me this dish I used dry fired chili. Also this dish is can be good with crackers or hot rice. !!

Enjoy cooking!!

Mily's kitchen

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