Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Klua-kling (Thai very spicy dry yellow curry)

Do you like spicy food?!!,?
If anybody love spicy food and think you are can handle really Spicy meal!!!
I'd like to prefer this recipe.
"Spicy Dry Yellow Curry"

☁ What we need:
☆ Yellow curry paste (as much as you like/my dish is about 2 tbs.)
☆ Chopped Chicken or any kind of meat/seafood (about 250-300g.)
☆ Lime Kefir 3-4 leaves
☆ Salt (as much you like/ can also put fish sauce if you are ok w/scent)
☆ Coconut sugar or honey :1/2 Ts. (my dish use coconut sugar)
☆ Dry Fried peppers (as much you like/my dish use 5 peppers)
☆ Olive oil or cooking oil 1Tbs.

Ok!! Hope you are not be surprised for the ingredients ;)

☀Bring the pan out!!!:

•Turn on the stove w/high heat temperature

•Put oil in the pan wait until oil become very hot

•Get Yellow curry paste in the pan fried it until smelly and put 2 Lime kefir leaves

•Put Chicken, salt fried it until look fine

• put coconut sugar or honey and 4 fried peppers

•In case if the food seem too dry please put little bit of water to it when you are cooking.

•Cook until the food look fine.

•Bring it to the dish ,Decorate with the left over prepare Lime Kefir leave and Dry fried pepper.


Tips: ** for a very hot meal like this recipe, I'd prefer get ready for you drinking water next to you it also good if you drop the slide of lemon in it. And this dish is very good with fresh Veggie and hot rice. !!!


Yummy .... Spicy!!!!!!!

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