Monday, December 27, 2010

Pha-Lo (black soup' Chinese style/Mily's Recepy)


Hope your are had a wonderful time in Christmas. It's winter. For sure we need to have good food for make you body keep warm and it's make me think about "soup" yes!! great idea for winter!!;)

I prefer Chinese style soup. For this time. But I'm apply my recipe for my style and ingredients we could fine in japan.

Here we are starting!!!


Beef / cut like cubes 6-8psc
Boiled eggs/ 2 as cook as you like
(recommend easier way is the cooked one!)
Sugar Kane: 1-2 tsp.
Soy sauce : 1.1/2 tsp.
Horse radish: cube cuts 6pcs.
Water: 800ml.
Cinnamon: 2sticks
Chinese Star Anise: 5-6psc.

Let's cook:
Turn you heat on bring the pot put water, horse radish,sugar kane, cinnamon and Chinese star anise. Boiled until the soup change color to brown color. Put beef and soy sauce. Cook on stove w/medium gas for 45mins down the gas. (Put the water in again 100-200 ml if the soup start to dry) mix the soup again before turn of gas. Put foiled cover the pot put in the oven heat with 150c• for 1hour (check the soup every 15mins) put boiled eggs and oven again 15 mins by 150c• ready to serve.

Serve with hot rice or soba noodle.

Tip: if you cook longer taste better also you can put tofu hard kind in to the soup at last 15 mins for the oven. !!!

Enjoy cooking!!!


Mily's kitchen

Location:Mily's kitchen

Friday, November 26, 2010

Home style Brunch

In the sunny lovely Saturday.

Where did you go for brunch? How about at home with your love on or family !!(^_^))

My husband went out jogging in the morning. I know he been work so hard on week day. So only thing I can do is make he comfortable at home.

Eat at home is the best and our favorite thing. I just make basic breakfast like boiled eggs (in pan)
,grapes salad,sausage and smoked salmon...Aldo we add tiny pieces of french bread & chop of bagels :) serve with 100% veggie juice !!!

• How to make Boiled eggs (in pan) :
This is so easy just put water in pan 1/4 of your pan size pinch of salt. When water get boil drop an egg softly in pan and wait until it's get cook how you like!!;)

* Tips : At Mily's kitchen we serve the water w/drop of lemon juice for make you refresh and not feel too much oily from food. It you like also we love to put lemon and Rosemary in water jar to serve!!!

Enjoy cooking!!!

Mily's kitchen

Location:Mily's dinning table.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Veggie Tom-Yam soup

Hello everyone

It's been so long since last time I've update ilovemilyskitchen 's blog.

Today I have a healthy recipe. I guarantee it's very good for winter or anytime.

Tom-yam is one kind of Thai soup it's sour and little spicy. My family always make it as a simple food or when family member have pain throat. Usually We put pork ribs,shrimps or chicken in the soup but for this time I prefer vegetable.

Ok now let's go shopping for:

White mushroom
Sea weed (wagame)
Tom-yam set (in could
Galangal,lemongrass, kefir lime leave)
Tom-yam paste
Knor chicken soup paste
Fresh chili

Let's swing your cooking mood in the kitchen!!!

•water in the pot 600ml. Chop Galangal,Lemongrass,Kefir lime leave (hammer it a bit for make oil come out it smell better ;) now just put it on stove w/full heat.
•the pot get boiled low the heat to middle. Put Tom-yam paste and stock soup paste in to pot (1-1 1/2 tbsp) heat it until the paste get melt. Put all veggie in to pot. Heat up until all pot get boil again. Drop lemon juice to the soup,Chop fresh chili for topping the soup. Then cool down ready to serve after decorate with chili we just chop.

*Tip: We can also put noodle in the soup to make it noodle soup/ or some chunk of tofu would be yumm!!!:)

Enjoy cooking.

Mily's kitchen

Mily's kitchen

Location:Mily's Kitchen

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Peach and Kiwi smoothy.

•Peach and Kiwi smoothy.

:)Here guys
So far I had made my new smoothy Recipe. So for this Recipe we use Peach, Kiwi and Honey.

Before that let's get to know what you will get from these fruits. !!!

Do you know that peach is have alots of VitaminA it's very good for your eyes and heal the blindness at night time,help your hair, bones and teeth get stronger,and yes!!! It's good for your skin because they have the carotene to help and fix the spot and pimple on your skin make it look nice and healthy!!!!---wow!!:)

•Kiwi Yes!! Sour & sweet must be VitaminC. VitaminC is good for keep you away from cold&flu, Heart Disease,Cancer wow!!! And built the collagen to help (protect. ) your skin(and wrinkle),bones and joint,!!!!:)

Now...let's talk about how to make Peach & Kiwi smoothy. !!

•Peach 1
•Kiwi 2
•Honey 1 teaspoon
•Ice 6-8 cubes

Then just put all the mix in to blender and press start button. !!!
Wait until everything blend together !!and serve!!!;)

That is so now we have really healthy and yummy smoothy ready to drink!!

Tip: at mily's kitchen we love to use honey the sugar,it's test better and more healthy!!!

*Enjoy cooking!!:)

Mily's kitchen

Location:Mily's kitchen.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Good French place -La Gargote-

Happy Saturday.

I'm sure on Friday night most of city ppl are went out. That why we have brunch as a meal for next day.
Isn't difficult for me to get up early and have breakfast? Luckily we found a good place to introduce for brunch.
This time is French food. When you says French restaurant We always see the picture of fancy image. But this restaurant is so lovely and it's new restaurant.
"La Gargote"
Is a charming and unique place to sit have coffee and enjoy delicious French meal one of the good choice for your lovely weekend and week day.
*Also the staffs there speak perfect 3 languages French,English and Japanese.

Charming comfy windows to make your emotion come like you at home~*

•recommended menu for meat lover -pork chop serve w/sweet and sour french sauce.• also they have a good fish menu;)

Have a lovely cozy weekend.

La Gargote: 1-3-13 Azabujuban Minato-ku Tokyo.

Mily's kitchen

Location:La Gargote 1-3-13 azabujuban minato-ku Tokyo

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little fancy breakfast cup


Do you still have left over Honey Graham Crackers from last time?
I would like to introduce this menu is also good for breakfast ,lunch and yes you can make it for your lunch box! This menu is easy to make. So let's check your fridge and see what do we need!!


Ground chicken
Onion ( I prefer white one).
Olive oil
Honey Graham crackers
Cheddar cheese
Black pepper

Now..let's cook!!

How to:
Make chicken stuff (you can make the day before you bake):

•Chop onion tiny pieces squar shape put in to mix bowl with ground chicken a pinch of salt and mix it.
•Pre heat pan,put olive oil 1-1/5 tsp heat oil
Put chicken mix onion to pan and fried.
•Prepare honey graham cookies,put chicken to honey Graham cups. Put cheddar cheese as topping and end up the top with tomato cherry.
•Bake it by 200c•/380F• about 15-20 mins(I recommend about 16mins)
•Bring yours Little fancy breakfast cups out ready to serve.
••Ooh!!! Topping a bit of black pepper.

Tip:also good idea if you have with tomato salad and hot tea!!

Enjoy cooking!!

Mily's kitchen

Location:Mily's kitchen.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Eat more greens.

Recommendation Menu!

Hi Everyone.

" You are what you eat" some of you maybe know this words.

Yes we are what we eat!! If you eat healthy you will healthy. I had went to have lunch at one of love place you must go in Tokyo.

If you are big fan of vegetable,vegetarian or people who love to try very healthy food.
EAT MORE GREENS is a wonderful choice. In the middle city life Tokyo town Azabu-juban have this lovely cafeteria chilling style,also they have balcony,and welcome for your lovely dog. Good for lunch and tea time.

My recommend menu here is tomato curry w/brown rice. It's in lunch set serve w/tea or coffee.

The reason I would like to introduce this lovely place for you. Because I'm very hard on try to eat any vegetable and I'm not a big fan of veggie life style but has been 1 week I'm been this place for already 3 times. That is amazing reason enough for me to introduce you about EAT MORE GREENS.

Sometime it's very nice to have some healthy meal to refresh you tummy and your mind....(^_^)d !!

-lunch menu is ready to serve @11:30am.

Mily's kitchen

Location:Azabu-juban, Tokyo

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crispy cup breakfast recipe

Crispy cup breakfast recipe.


-Honey Graham cracker
-black pepper

How to:

-prepare for honey graham cracker
-chop sausages to be small pieces,cut beacon/ half
-put sausage and beacon in honey Graham cracker cup
-put all in the oven by 200c•/380f• about 10mins
-bring all out of the oven broke an egg in to honey Graham cracker w/sausage and beacon
-put all in to oven again by 200c•/380f• about 10-12mins (until egg cook how you like)
-bring all out ready to serve.

*you can serve w/salad all fruits.

**this menu is very healthy and easy to cook also very good if you don't like to eat oily food in the morning:)

Enjoy cooking!!


Mily's kitchen.

Location:Mily's kitchen

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