Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Crispy cup breakfast recipe

Crispy cup breakfast recipe.


-Honey Graham cracker
-black pepper

How to:

-prepare for honey graham cracker
-chop sausages to be small pieces,cut beacon/ half
-put sausage and beacon in honey Graham cracker cup
-put all in the oven by 200c•/380f• about 10mins
-bring all out of the oven broke an egg in to honey Graham cracker w/sausage and beacon
-put all in to oven again by 200c•/380f• about 10-12mins (until egg cook how you like)
-bring all out ready to serve.

*you can serve w/salad all fruits.

**this menu is very healthy and easy to cook also very good if you don't like to eat oily food in the morning:)

Enjoy cooking!!


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