Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Veggie Tom-Yam soup

Hello everyone

It's been so long since last time I've update ilovemilyskitchen 's blog.

Today I have a healthy recipe. I guarantee it's very good for winter or anytime.

Tom-yam is one kind of Thai soup it's sour and little spicy. My family always make it as a simple food or when family member have pain throat. Usually We put pork ribs,shrimps or chicken in the soup but for this time I prefer vegetable.

Ok now let's go shopping for:

White mushroom
Sea weed (wagame)
Tom-yam set (in could
Galangal,lemongrass, kefir lime leave)
Tom-yam paste
Knor chicken soup paste
Fresh chili

Let's swing your cooking mood in the kitchen!!!

•water in the pot 600ml. Chop Galangal,Lemongrass,Kefir lime leave (hammer it a bit for make oil come out it smell better ;) now just put it on stove w/full heat.
•the pot get boiled low the heat to middle. Put Tom-yam paste and stock soup paste in to pot (1-1 1/2 tbsp) heat it until the paste get melt. Put all veggie in to pot. Heat up until all pot get boil again. Drop lemon juice to the soup,Chop fresh chili for topping the soup. Then cool down ready to serve after decorate with chili we just chop.

*Tip: We can also put noodle in the soup to make it noodle soup/ or some chunk of tofu would be yumm!!!:)

Enjoy cooking.

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