Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Peach and Kiwi smoothy.

•Peach and Kiwi smoothy.

:)Here guys
So far I had made my new smoothy Recipe. So for this Recipe we use Peach, Kiwi and Honey.

Before that let's get to know what you will get from these fruits. !!!

Do you know that peach is have alots of VitaminA it's very good for your eyes and heal the blindness at night time,help your hair, bones and teeth get stronger,and yes!!! It's good for your skin because they have the carotene to help and fix the spot and pimple on your skin make it look nice and healthy!!!!---wow!!:)

•Kiwi Yes!! Sour & sweet must be VitaminC. VitaminC is good for keep you away from cold&flu, Heart Disease,Cancer wow!!! And built the collagen to help (protect. ) your skin(and wrinkle),bones and joint,!!!!:)

Now...let's talk about how to make Peach & Kiwi smoothy. !!

•Peach 1
•Kiwi 2
•Honey 1 teaspoon
•Ice 6-8 cubes

Then just put all the mix in to blender and press start button. !!!
Wait until everything blend together !!and serve!!!;)

That is so now we have really healthy and yummy smoothy ready to drink!!

Tip: at mily's kitchen we love to use honey the sugar,it's test better and more healthy!!!

*Enjoy cooking!!:)

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