Friday, November 26, 2010

Home style Brunch

In the sunny lovely Saturday.

Where did you go for brunch? How about at home with your love on or family !!(^_^))

My husband went out jogging in the morning. I know he been work so hard on week day. So only thing I can do is make he comfortable at home.

Eat at home is the best and our favorite thing. I just make basic breakfast like boiled eggs (in pan)
,grapes salad,sausage and smoked salmon...Aldo we add tiny pieces of french bread & chop of bagels :) serve with 100% veggie juice !!!

• How to make Boiled eggs (in pan) :
This is so easy just put water in pan 1/4 of your pan size pinch of salt. When water get boil drop an egg softly in pan and wait until it's get cook how you like!!;)

* Tips : At Mily's kitchen we serve the water w/drop of lemon juice for make you refresh and not feel too much oily from food. It you like also we love to put lemon and Rosemary in water jar to serve!!!

Enjoy cooking!!!

Mily's kitchen

Location:Mily's dinning table.

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