Monday, December 27, 2010

Pha-Lo (black soup' Chinese style/Mily's Recepy)


Hope your are had a wonderful time in Christmas. It's winter. For sure we need to have good food for make you body keep warm and it's make me think about "soup" yes!! great idea for winter!!;)

I prefer Chinese style soup. For this time. But I'm apply my recipe for my style and ingredients we could fine in japan.

Here we are starting!!!


Beef / cut like cubes 6-8psc
Boiled eggs/ 2 as cook as you like
(recommend easier way is the cooked one!)
Sugar Kane: 1-2 tsp.
Soy sauce : 1.1/2 tsp.
Horse radish: cube cuts 6pcs.
Water: 800ml.
Cinnamon: 2sticks
Chinese Star Anise: 5-6psc.

Let's cook:
Turn you heat on bring the pot put water, horse radish,sugar kane, cinnamon and Chinese star anise. Boiled until the soup change color to brown color. Put beef and soy sauce. Cook on stove w/medium gas for 45mins down the gas. (Put the water in again 100-200 ml if the soup start to dry) mix the soup again before turn of gas. Put foiled cover the pot put in the oven heat with 150c• for 1hour (check the soup every 15mins) put boiled eggs and oven again 15 mins by 150c• ready to serve.

Serve with hot rice or soba noodle.

Tip: if you cook longer taste better also you can put tofu hard kind in to the soup at last 15 mins for the oven. !!!

Enjoy cooking!!!


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