Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Thai tuna salad

Hello ~

Long time no see you on my kitchen blog. Now I'm back. And yes I would like to show you tho most healthy menu for you guys who like to have yummy healthy food.

Thai Tuna salad.

•This menu is so easy to cook and good for any meal.

Let's cook!!!

What we need:
-Tuna meat, I recommend can tuna/ in water (1 can for 2serves)
-Lemongrass(chopped tiny piece)
-Red onion slide (small size)
- chopped Fresh chili or dry fried chili
-Lime juice
-fish oil / Japanese soy sauce
-green apply or any veggie you like.

Open tuna can lid the tuna water out , put tuna in to the bowl the we are preparing for mixing salad. Blend tuna meat unlit get softer texture. Put fish oil or Japanese soy sauce 1/2 tbp mix w/tuna following with lime juice 1tbp mix it all together, put chopped tiny pieces lemongrass and red onion slide (how much you like) in to tuna bowl and mix it again , put chopped chili in to the bowl and mix, then test the teats that is how you like you salad to be.
Slide green apple/you fav veggie make a side dish for your salad!!!

Now we are ready to serve.

Tip: for me this dish I used dry fired chili. Also this dish is can be good with crackers or hot rice. !!

Enjoy cooking!!

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