Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little fancy breakfast cup


Do you still have left over Honey Graham Crackers from last time?
I would like to introduce this menu is also good for breakfast ,lunch and yes you can make it for your lunch box! This menu is easy to make. So let's check your fridge and see what do we need!!


Ground chicken
Onion ( I prefer white one).
Olive oil
Honey Graham crackers
Cheddar cheese
Black pepper

Now..let's cook!!

How to:
Make chicken stuff (you can make the day before you bake):

•Chop onion tiny pieces squar shape put in to mix bowl with ground chicken a pinch of salt and mix it.
•Pre heat pan,put olive oil 1-1/5 tsp heat oil
Put chicken mix onion to pan and fried.
•Prepare honey graham cookies,put chicken to honey Graham cups. Put cheddar cheese as topping and end up the top with tomato cherry.
•Bake it by 200c•/380F• about 15-20 mins(I recommend about 16mins)
•Bring yours Little fancy breakfast cups out ready to serve.
••Ooh!!! Topping a bit of black pepper.

Tip:also good idea if you have with tomato salad and hot tea!!

Enjoy cooking!!

Mily's kitchen

Location:Mily's kitchen.

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