Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Eat out #1

Hi everyone ♥
Recently I've been put my stomach and hungry-ness with the restaurant near by and oversea a lots.

These update will make Tokyo people have a big smiles- a specially who live in Minato-ku.

My husband and me found the now restaurant around the block, Named Hinoki / Natural Restaurant. A lovely and calm theme and decoration of this place are make me feeling like I'm in the heavenly garden. And the food is so delicious. Fresh, clean and healthy.

My favorite menu is Roast beef steak and curry rice. The curry rice here is a little bit difference then other place(you need to try it!!). The roast beef is the best and worth then any place I've try.

Don't get too hungry when you read this. Let's go try it and you will love this place like I do♥!!

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